About Us


Laurel & Marie has been offering stationery & calligraphy since 2014 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ruby (Laurel) and Whitney (Marie) have been friends for over a decade—ever since they spotted each other in the high school cafeteria line wearing matching Pink Panther shirts. (Yes, they were very cool, thanks for asking.) Ruby & Whitney both grew up without cable TV and were encouraged to use their free time creatively.

We love meeting with our clients over coffee or wine to find out how we can bring their vision to life. We love knowing that our invitations flying are across state lines and our calligraphed envelopes are being dropped in mailboxes, making their way to your most loved friends & family. We are so excited to create something for you to share with your favorite people.



Whitney Marie

the calligrapher

Whitney is a serial doodler and has been playing with fancy pens and handwriting since she can remember. Calligraphy and envelope design have even given her a chance to bust out her definitely-not-nerdy middle school stamp collection. Whitney spends her free time writing the grocery list in fancy letters, two-stepping, and playing with her two young daughters (who are currently growing up without cable TV).

Ruby Laurel

the designer

Ruby was constantly creating collages to satisfy her creative itch as a pre-teen, and then studied graphic design at the University of Tulsa. She has been designing, kerning, and poring over Pantone swatches ever since—finding her love for all things wedding paper after designing many friends' suites as wedding gifts. Ruby is really into snort-laughing, eating hot Cheetos, and drinking sour beer.